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About us & our partners

The treeme.shopproject

Our for Paulownia precious wood products was developed from the treeme project of Green Wood International AG.
Green Wood International AG was founded in 1984 and is mainly concerned with the topics of sustainability, ecology and the environment, which our CEO Wolfgang Goese is passionately promoting with all his heart around the Paulownia tree and its precious wood. Further information can be found at

The project treeme stands for sustainable cultivation and management of Paulownia plantations in Europe for the production of Paulownia precious wood as Clear & Clean A commodity. Through this project Green Wood International AG cooperates with companies for the development and production of innovative Paulownia premium products. At we show our tree plantations, our cultivation and the characteristics of Paulownia.

Only the best precious woods of Paulownia are used for the handmade tree-products. Together with our partners, we create unique works of value in the areas of sports, music, lifestyle and art from treeme-Paulownia wood, which we present in our

Enlain - The board manufactory in the mountains of Grisons

It is like a mission of Urs & Ben to design valuable aesthetics from exquisite wood. They focus on the special properties of Paulownia precious wood, playing with their experienced craftsmanship and the characteristic features of the materials. Through the continuous development of the Hollow-Wooden architecture of these HELAKU surfboards and their versatile creativity, Enlain has already reached the top in design and functionality internationally. In their Swiss wood manufacture in Laax, they develop and produce individual wooden sports equipment in brilliant style as partners of Green Wood International AG.

HEMAGE - Individually crafted guitars & basses

HEMAGE is the Tyrolean specialist workshop for the production of guitars and basses at the highest level. The uncompromising selection of high-quality materials and components, the implementation of innovative construction details as well as elaborate finishes give each instrument by Hermann Erlacher its individual character and optimal functionality. HEMAGE instruments are unique, handmade instruments in combination with the best woods and know-how. Hermann Erlacher has been producing a treeme.edition Nature made of 100% treeme-Paulownia precious wood for the treeme brand since 2017.

His name Nik Huber stands for excellent electric guitars 'Made in Germany'. Together with his well-rehearsed team in Rodgau, different guitars are developed here, each of which carries with it the unique style of guitar building and Nik's finish. His company "Nik Huber Guitars" meanwhile enjoys a very high reputation in the music scene worldwide due to his outstanding craftsmanship.

Nik himself is a great guitarist and combines his craftsmanship with the passion for wood that has accompanied him since childhood. Thanks to his curiosity and the desire for something new, he produces already excellently rated Paulownia wood guitars from the tree-wood, which inspire musicians with their sound and lightness.

Simon Simonett - woodcarvings that give pleasure

Simon Simonett was born in 1980 and grew up in Davos-Wiesen. Since the age of 12 he has dedicated his passion to the carving of wooden figures of all kinds and is still known today for his filigree and lifelike realization of his objects. Many of his works of art are exhibited in the canton of Graubünden. "The aim of my work is to give pleasure to the viewer," says Simonett.

Mohammad Zahra - sculptures made of Paulownia wood

Mohammad Zahra was born in Syria. Since 2015 he lives in Switzerland / Graubünden and works as a freelance artist. The young Mohammad already worked in Syria as a trained carpenter and joiner. "Before I start working out my ideas, I make many sketches of them. Then I put my thoughts into practice and work on the wooden objects until a work of art is created from them," says Zahra.


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